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Nov 22, 2019

Being on our longest interview yet, Bart Bramley, a world-class bridge champion, delivered throughout the entirety of the podcast. This episode was not a typical interview. Indeed, it was Bart who steered the conversation, captaining the exploration of his fruitful life. As a master storyteller, Bart recounted innumerable adventures and provided an incredulous level of detail in each of his stories.


At the age of 71, Bramley has lived life. He may be old in terms of the myriad memories he can reminisce about, but he still has the sharp humor of a young man. Bart invites you, listeners, to experience vicariously his life journey and encounters with some of the world’s greatest and most renowned players.

Highlights from Episode:


5:30- Bart’s relatively low weight and his experiences with it


12:50- John Mcallister’s weight and height


17:00- Bart’s recollection of tournaments that he played in


21:10- Stories about Lou Bluhm


37:00- Stories about Bob Hamman


40:10- Bart’s outside-of-bridge- career path


48:40- Bart’s experience partnering with Bob Hamman

57:40- Bart’s explanation for why Bob Hamman is a great bridge player


58:50- The importance of putting a bad board behind you


1:01:15- Bart’s love for baseball


1:07:00- A funny space work project


1:27:40- A story about Harold Lilie


1:36:30- Stories about Sidney Lazard and the famous 6D hand


1:45:30- The famous Geir Helgemo hand


1:53:40- Bart’s favorite event