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Aug 18, 2021

Robert Todd is becoming a force in the bridge teaching world and has been called “the next generation of great bridge instructor and entertainer.” Having taught in 48 States, lectured at countless regionals, nationals, and cruises, Robert is following the path of his mentors Audrey Grant, Larry Cohen, or Barbara Seagram—some of the world’s most renowned bridge teachers.

Besides teaching professionally, Robert is heavily involved in promoting youth bridge. Using his knowledge and expertise as a top-tiered educator, Robert is helping spearhead the new ACBL Education Foundation program, Bridge Whiz. If your child is interested in learning bridge online, this 20-week long class is perfect for their needs! Learn more here.


Episode Highlights:

1:20- The history of the ACBL Education Foundation 

5:50- How to make learning bridge enjoyable

7:15- Robert’s teaching style and method

11:57- ACBLEDF peddling Tricky Bridge

15:10- Robert was brainwashed into loving bridge

  • His unique upbringing in the social bridge community influences his perspectives

22:05Robert led a study to discover how many bridge players there are in America

27:05- Why the ACBL Education Foundation’s goal is different than the ACBL’s

32:35- Different bridge-playing communities

35:59- Professional teaching administrative details

43:52- Professional bridge and promoting bridge

50:53- Funny stories about TST Episode #31, Adam Kaplan

1:00:32- Robert’s analysis on the Meckwell partnership

1:02:44- The administrative thinking behind BridgeWhiz