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Jul 31, 2021

Ever since my conversation with Jeff Meckstroth, I began asking a standard question to Setting Trick guests, “are you better than (Jacek) Kalita?” It was a fun or tough question, depending on the guest, which got a wide variety of responses in spite of Jacek being ranked 2nd in the World Bridge Federation’s rankings.

Hailing from Poland, Jacek is our first European based guest. Astute listeners will have noticed that I stopped asking the are you better than question when Jacek’s partner Michal Nowosadzki confessed to self-kibitizing in multiple online events last year. The partner with whom Jacek won two Bermuda Bowls and also his good friend.

Find out what Jacek had to say about all of that and see his fine sense of humor for yourself.

Episode highlights:

3:58- Are you better than Kalita???

6:35- Michal Nowosadzki (Kalita’s partner) cheating case

10:04- The aftermath reaction

15:00- Kalita’s pathway to becoming a professional

23:35- When a frequent opponent becomes a partner

27:40- For the system nuts

31:50- Why Kalita is pro-kibitzing

36:20- The secret sauce behind Kalita and Nowosadzki constant success

41:00- Bridge and traveling the world

44:20- When Kalita got to play with his childhood bridge heroes

46:15- Kalita’s former client helped create the stock market in Poland!

50:28- Kalita’s family and bridge

53:35- Michal Klukowski and Kalita