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Mar 12, 2021

Meet Greg Hinze: Three time North American Bridge Champion, world champion and he also has a world class sense of humor! After first hearing there was such a thing as a professional bridge player, Greg made it his five year goal. He played a lot, read lots of books, practically went broke and now is a highly desired pro. 

Episode Highlights:

1:35- How Greg first decided to pursue his goal of becoming a professional

3:15- How Greg got hooked onto bridge

6:10- Greg and his poker job

7:55- How Greg quickly improved into an expert

9:40- Live bridge and RealBridge

12:50- Greg’s favorite event

15:20- Reject those who rejected you

18:50- Strong club vs natural system

21:45- Greg’s 2D opening system

24:10- Winning a world championship on a team formed the night before the event

26:50- Greg, his wife, and fun midnight knockout deal

29:30- Broke North American champion 

31:35- An interesting strategy to pick between two close calls and a happy accident

35:20- His prediction on the future of live bridge

40:50- “Swiss Master” ~ Justin Lall

43:55- Bridge connects

48:30- Greg’s biggest bridge tip