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Mar 26, 2020

When I invited world champion Geoff Hampson to be a guest on The Setting Trick, he shot back, “What’s the Setting Trick?” Crushed, I sent him a link to our website along with question marks and exclamation points. To which he responded, “I just bust chops, I’m down.” 


It’s a pleasure to welcome one of the finest bridge players in the world with a sense of humor to match.

Highlights from Episode:


2:55- Geoff talks about how he is sick


12:10- Geoff’s favorite bridge memory


14:00- Geoff talks about Fantunes and how he suspected they were cheating


23:20- The impact of the Covid-19 virus


26:50- A high level declarer play young Geoff made that changed John Gowdy’s opinions about him


31:35- Geoff’s college experience (or lack thereof)


33:05- Geoff’s experience with playing money bridge


37:20- Funny comment Geoff made when he was in the Well


39:20- How Geoff first started playing bridge


41:20- Funny story back when Geoff was still a beginner


42:35- Geoff’s initial motivation to get good at bridge


45:10- Geoff’s idea of using this time of quarantine to help spread the game of bridge


48:20- John and Geoff discuss golf


55:15- The biggest advice Geoff has for players is to COUNT


1:01:50- Geoff plays Barbu. Here is the site where we play Barbu and the Barbu ladder, currently led by Episode (?) guest Zach Grossack 3/25


1:08:35- Geoff likes to read the Game of Thrones books


1:10:30- Geoff says he isn’t even the best player in his partnership


1:11:45- Is Geoff better than Kalita?


If you are interested in joining our online barbu group please apply to join our Facebook Group so that Shireen Mohandes may send you the particular set of rules by which we play.