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Dec 18, 2020

Among US Juniors, few adults’ names are as well-recognized as Ron Smith. But don’t let his title of “Honorary Junior” fool you; Ron began playing bridge back in the Roth Stone era, when he only would open the bidding with 14 points—3 points more than what he needs to open today. A true perennial all-star, Ron stands out for his work in fostering the rising young stars of our game. He’s also a pretty entertaining and genuinely good natured fellow.


Episode Highlights:

1:50- Ron’s mother used to think he was going to hell for playing bridge

3:40- Ron’s sister = ultimate bridge wing-woman

5:15- How Ron became hooked on bridge

12:05- Seymon Deutsch could get away with anything

16:00- The legend of Zia Mahmood

21:30- “I’ve got a partner for you” = Bobby Levin

23:00- Don’t cheat

32:20- Al Roth Stoned

36:55- A Justin Lall story

40:50- Ron + Juniors = win Midnight Zip KO

42:40- Ron is an honorary junior

44:30- How to get Bobby Levin to agree with your bidding

48:30- Bob Hamman’s unique perspective on Justin Lall

52:10- Brad Moss bamboozled Joe Grue with a legendary psyche 

54:50- Ron believes in preempting aggressively when favorable

1:05:00- Edgar Kaplan and his diplomacy

1:14:40- Rubber bridge stories

1:23:40- “You’re not playing for anything either?”

1:35:28- How Joe Grue got his nickname “Joe Boo”