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Feb 19, 2020

Steve Weinstein speaks highly of his partners, demands a lot out of his students and plays to win. As a 17 year old, Steve became the youngest ever winner of a North American Bridge Championship, winning the Life Master Pairs with his stepfather Fred Stewart. While Steve is one of the best professional bridge players in the world, he considers himself “lucky that I have gotten to do things that I’ve loved and enjoyed and (I’ve) never had a job.”

Today, his regular partner is Bobby Levin whom Steve describes as “without a doubt, unquestionably one of the best players in the world.” When asked what makes them such a formidable pair Steve said their biggest strength is they “we consistently hit the ball hard to the opponent’s backhand.”

A constant theme in our conversation is the importance of focus. From watching the spots at the table to not mixing bridge and poker, which Steve also plays at a very high level. Steve sets an excellent example for anyone wanting to be the best they can be. Make sure your goals and actions are in alignment and enjoy the wins.