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Dec 27, 2019

Originating from Denmark, Kare Gjaldbaek is our next guest. Kare is currently pursuing a PhD in mathematics. This coupled with the fact that he has new children to take care of means he is forced to take a hiatus from bridge. But once life calms down for him, he plans on “returning to the bridge scene with a vengeance.” 


Similarly to our previous guest, Bart Bramley, Kare has interesting stories to share. Unlike Bramley though, Kare has more …. wild stories to tell. One particular narrative involves a combination of alcohol and late-adolescence hormones, leading to a lack of clothing in adverse locations. Reflected by a feisty and jolly personality, Kare effectively demonstrates the thrills and vicissitudes of junior bridge.

Highlights from Episode:


3:50- What Kare misses about playing bridge


6:30- Difficulties that prevent Kare from playing in tournaments


8:00- Kare’s best accomplishments in grand events


9:20- Kare’s story about swimming naked in public


10:30- Another story of dubious-teenage-actions


17:30- A hilarious story about teaching bridge


26:40- Kare’s best bridge advice


35:40- Kare’s reason for not asking about his teammates’ results


49:00- Kare’s thoughts on leaving his math career to pursue professional bridge


53:10- A bridge lesson that Kare learned from Bart Bramley


1:13:40- How bridge should be taught