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Apr 6, 2020

Anam Tebha is a professional bridge player, who learned the game during summer school as a teenager and fell in love. Shortly afterwards, her and three classmates went to the junior world championships knowing “only KC.” Afterwards, she returned home and “must have logged like over 50 boards a day” on Bridge Base Online, playing with any and everyone. Her hard work and passion paid off when she won the Mixed Swiss in a spontaneous partnership with Zia Mahmood. In the words of junior star, Finn Kolesnik, Anam “is a beast”.

Highlights from Episode:


2:00- How Anam learned bridge


3:45- Anam’s parents (disappointing) view towards bridge


6:05- Anam’s housemates


7:45- How Anam likes to allocate her bridge questions


9:40- Anam played in the Junior World Championships with a team of people who all had been playing for fewer than 6 months


12:35- Anam’s story of playing with Zia Mahmood and winning the Mixed Swiss


23:50- Anam’s experience of playing in a regional right before the coronavirus outbreak became very severe


32:10- How Anam played on the Zimmerman team


34:50- How Anam played with Joe Grue in the Mixed World Series


38:25- What Joe Grue taught Anam about opening 1N


41:15- Anam’s experience playing against team Kranyak in the 2019 trials


45:20- Is Anam better than Jacek Kalita?


46:05- Why we should all emulate Finn Kolesnik