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Mar 16, 2022

Returning from my hiatus, I am pleased to welcome Milan Macura to kick off our next season on The Setting Trick. Milan is a professional player and teacher. He is also a Youtube streamer and was previously president of the Czech Bridge Federation.. 

In 2009, through a series of amazing, fortunate events, Milan won the 1st World Youth Congress. Listen for the full story!

Milan Macura's Youtube Channel

Episode highlights:

5:06- His pathway in becoming a streamer

13:25- The story behind his improbable win in the 1st World Youth Congress

19:30- Milan can’t be intimidated

26:05- “Full-service pro”

28:47- How Milan learned bridge

37:58- Youth bridge

48:55- Streaming details

52:08- Blue shirt red shirt

59:40- Milan loves playing bridge on tablets

1:05:25- Celebrating the World Youth Congress victory