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Nov 4, 2021

We have saved today’s guest to appear once the next in-person Nationals loomed near. Meet Jenni Carmichael, our first tournament director on the show and spouse of TST Guest #24 Tom Carmichael. A fine storyteller, Jenni finds the humor and draws out the drama.  

Episode Highlights:

1:20- Chances of Austin Nationals happening

5:23- Requirements to become a director

11:15- 3SXX making is clearly an average board

15:00- “I just have four cards left to play”

17:05- How Jenny got into directing

24:00- “The only law we care about is God’s law”

28:46- “Does he have his bid?”

40:44- Bridge camps

46:30- Mixed Pair stories of absurd scores, intense pressure, and momentum

53:26- If no Greg, maybe no Double Dummy

55:20- Jenni once held a long grudge against her current director idol

1:11:12- It is useless to psych against Jenni

1:14:13- But her psychs are deadly