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Oct 19, 2021

The Rimstedt family of Sweden is among the strongest bridge-playing families of all-time. Twins Mikael and Ola are the youngest players ever to win the World Pairs, and their sister Cecilia won the 2019 Venice Cup, sadly with their sister Sandra no longer on the team after having emigrated to the US. Today we have the pleasure of speaking to Mikael and Ola. In addition to being my friends and I’ve even been lucky enough to have them on my team on occasion.

Watch the video version here:

Episode Highlights:

7:35- Mikael and Ola almost didn’t play in the world pairs they ended up winning

13:17- How Mikael got angry at Ola on a board where their side got a complete top late in the finals of the World Pairs

18:02- Rim job on Vugraph

20:12- Making the Swedish Open team

34:42- Rimstedt brothers better than the Grossack brothers???

38:48- Why they split and came back together

46:12- Their dad previously played for Sweden

1:04:28- How Ola and Mikael got into bridge

1:12:08- Dating status