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Sep 15, 2021

We are informally designating Susan Bricken as the Chief Enthusiasm Officer for the ACBL Educational Foundation’s new program, BridgeWhiz. We hope she’ll be an inspiration to all who want young people to learn the game. After finishing this episode, make sure to tell three people about BridgeWhiz, and feel free to copy me at! To date 1,250+ students have signed up.


Episode Highlights:

0:50- BridgeWhiz details

6:48- The bridge version of Queen’s Gambit

13:45- Immediately jumping into the deep end

20:20- Learning bridge from TST Guest 41 Robert Todd

23:08- Never play bridge with your spouse??

25:00- Doubling the size of her local bridge club

31:10- The interviewee becomes the interviewer

32:50- The history of Double Dummy

45:25- Saving Lives Susan

50:10- Swimming Susan