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Sep 3, 2021

Shan Huang (technically Huang Shan) is a budding bridge legend. His frequent successes at tournaments earned him multiple Richmond trophies, the Canadian masterpoint race, before he immigrated to the US’ greener bridge pastures. He is in a formidable partnership with Floridian Kevin Dwyer.

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Episode Highlights:

1:40- Huang Shan

11:33- Why Shan moved from Canada to USA

19:30- His experience at a Chinese monastery

24:10- Descriptions of Justin Lall (RIP)

28:45- How Shan’s partnership with Kevin Dwyer came to be

32:35- The power of preempts against precision players

35:30- The biggest advantage of strong club systems

41:45- Shan’s mentors

49:54- A tragic hand

1:02:45- Another minus 1660 hand that costed John $1600+

1:07:27- Who does Shan most want to partner with?

1:13:22- How rating bridge hands is like rating peoples’ attractiveness

1:19:00- Shan hates squealing