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May 15, 2021

We continue our popular series of “The Youngest Life Master” with long-ago former record holders Bill and Dough Hsieh, along with their older brother and inspiration David Hsieh. In this episode, they taught me just how much our game has changed. From the abolition of smoking at the table to masterpoint inflation, and to the resurgence of youth bridge, bridge has evolved. However, one thing continues to be the same: its power of leaving happy memories that survive over the span of decades.


Episode Highlights:


1:50- Be the once in a blue moon and pronounce their last name with “C”


4:05- How the Hsieh brothers got started on bridge


7:00- Imagine being interviewed by the local newspaper for every tournament you go to


7:55- 6-year-old-Doug’s opponents thought Doug was a joke and refused to play


10:20- The masterpoints inflation is real


11:05- Bill’s dad was the original engine behind his pursuit for the record


13:24- An unlucky split costed Doug beating the record by an additional 10 months


14:44- Bridge can consume you


15:48- The past versus the current state of youth bridge


18:50- The Hsieh brothers’ current exposure with bridge


22:40- David’s favorite partner


25:15- It was inevitable that Doug will beat Bill’s record


26:50- Ron is a great role model!


30:35- The Hsieh brothers’ influential mother


33:05- Back when everybody smoked at the bridge table


36:00- People still remember stories from Midnight Swisses that happened 40 years ago

40:15- Bridge opens up connections in the work place