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Feb 28, 2021

At the age of 10 years and 43 days Adam Kaplan set the record as the American Contract Bridge League’s youngest ever life master. A subsequent article in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin, commemorating Adam’s achievement, inspired his successor Richard Jeng who broke Adam’s record with ease at the age of 9 years, 6 months, and 12 days.

Both Richard and Adam are members of the USA1 Under 21 team whose journey in the 14th World Youth Team Championships we chronicle in Double Dummy. A film which Adam largely inspired. Here are two brief conversations about Richard and Adam’s quest to become the youngest life master and what the title meant to them.

2:16- The event where Adam won his last needed masterpoints

4:04- Two club games per day—the dedication needed to get those masterpoints

6:39- The fame ensuing after his achievement

7:46- What the achievement means to him

9:14- “I was a terrible partner” ~ Adam

12:14- Adam’s current level of bridge involvement

14:04- The story behind Adam’s nickname

15:39- Adam’s partner in Double Dummy

19:54- An optimistic grand bid by Adam

24:09- Adam’s current career plans

26:30- Richard’s first reaction on hearing about Andrew Chen’s achievement

27:05- How Richard first started playing bridge

28:40- Richard’s inspiration on becoming the Youngest Life Master

29:50- Richard’s meeting up with the teen whose record he planned on beating

30:35- This record is meant to be broken!

31:35- Life Master is a title given only to those who mastered life

31:55- The event where Richard won his last needed master points