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Feb 2, 2021

Didn’t get enough of Ronnie? He’s back! Ron Smith returns to the show, bringing with him more hilarious stories.

Episode Highlights:

6:05- Ron’s opinion on Real Bridge

12:30- When your teammates go for minus 4600 in 4Cxx down 8 so you lose 24 IMPS, but you still win the match

15:35- Ron learns from his teacher who went minus 5800.Twice

16:05- Story of the only person to win the Vanderbilt while also losing two matches in the same tournament

18:30- Never give up during a match

25:05- Bobby Levin is so good looking, his partner needs to play with his head down lest he loses his focus

28:40- More hilarious Baby Levin stories

34:40- Ron believes in the great joys of having the social connections through playing bridge

38:10- Speculations on the future of bridge—will things ever be the same again?

40:15- Mahaffrey stories

44:35- Peter Weichsel’s most embarrassing moment

47:15- Reese stories

53:05- Ron’s worst three hands

59:48- Leo Lasota: the world’s greatest online player

1:03:05- Oren Kriegel is an upcoming super star

1:06:35- “Here comes the damn diamonds again” story