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Nov 27, 2020

While Scott Hoffer professes to be the worst player yet to appear on The Setting Trick, he caught my attention as the developer of an iOS app called Tricky Bridge. Presently only available on iPhones and iPads, Tricky Bridge has become my go to destination for anyone who is interested in learning the game. The ACBL Education Foundation helped make the app’s series of 37 beginners lessons free. Hat’s off to both the Ed Foundation and Scott, you’ve answered one of my prayers!

Episode Highlights:

2:00- Tricky Bridge and how it came to be

9:48- Tricky Bridge’s retention rate with users

11:53- Apple’s massive stamp of approval

  • Contest - Who is the Apple Editor playing Tricky Bridge???

19:33- Scott’s company Forklift Studios

21:18- Computer Bridge World Championships

26:03- Idea behind the Bots in Tricky Bridge

31:03- Grant from the ACBL Education Foundation founded the learning portion of the app

33:38- Please advertise the app to any young person interested in learning bridge

43:23- Thanks to BridgeWinners for helping provide feedback on bugs and crashes

48:43- Scott’s ideas about the best way to stream bridge

50:03- Scott’s acting career

50:46- Yale student, Reese Koppel, is a Tricky Bridge Intern

53:13- Robert Todd from ACBL Foundation

58:08- Double Dummy Film