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Nov 18, 2020

I first saw Nabil Edggton at the 14th World Youth Team Championships in Taicang. I remember being in the Vugraph room and hearing fellow Aussie (Nabil is from Oz) David Stern say something to the effect of, Andy (Hung, Neil’s junior and current partner) likes to bid game and let Nabil play it. It still strikes as the type of compliment on which I would love to be on the receiving end. 

Nabil and I became friends when we teamed up for the Rosenbloom in 2018. We don’t talk about it here, but Nabil is a total hunk. He’s a good friend and I am pleased to share this conversation with our listeners. 

Highlights from Episode:

1:30- Nabil’s thoughts on how to get young people into bridge

6:30- Nabil’s potential area of growth in bridge

21:00- Nabil’s thoughts on a hand that John played

29:10- John’s growth in the skill of moving on after a mistake

32:00- What Nabil thinks is the key to working on improving one’s flaws

35:40- Nabil’s preparation before a bridge tournament

38:50- What Nabil loves most about John

43:10- Nabil’s general life advice

46:10- Nabil’s advice on a partnership relationship

52:30- How Nabil tackles the problem of improving as a bridge player

1:05:10- The mental edge that babies have

1:09:40- Why Nabil thinks there is a lot of value in simulations

1:36:20- A story of John teaching Hool

1:44:40- Nabil’s thoughts on the problem with society

1:51:10- An area of improvement for John